The New Digital Generation of Single Point Lubricators

Pulsarlube SA cc  representing the latest generation of microprocessor /computer controlled single point automatic  electrochemical and gas operated lubricators that are designed to ensure a precise, programmable supply of fresh  lubricant in a wide variety of industrial and mining applications. We supply, install and manage the lubrication needs for various industries in sub Saharan Africa. 

Pulsarlube SA cc was established as a Pulsarlube USA sub Saharan agent in 2003 in Johannesburg, to provide its customers the finest quality lubrication products throughout Africa. Products include Kema and South African certified programmable microprocessor controlled lubricators for hazardous areas (Petrochemical industries) in both disposable and re-chargeable units. 

After conducting years of exhaustive research and development, along with an aggressive marketing plan, Pulsarlube is recognized as an industry leader in the manufacture of the world’s leading innovative automatic single point lubricators, in both low and high pressure applications.

Pulsarlubes’ lubrication innovation keeps a continuous, watchful eye over your critical moving parts, and to date, a large quantity of lubricators have been fitted to various industries and applications with a very high degree of success to ensure the lubrication requirements are met.

Pulsarlube SA cc must offer clients, partners, shareholders and society service, trust and reliability. Company and public prosperity depend on honesty and transparency, as well as efficiency and excellence in all operations. We provide all of these, and more.