Pulsarlube Mi

The Pulsarlube Mi uses a piezoelectric type vibration sensor, composed of a ceramic strain transducer attached to a metallic proof mass in order to respond to an externally imposed acceleration.The Pulsarlube Mi periodically checks the operating status of the machinery to which it is attached to.

As the Pulsarlube Mi receives a vibration signal from the machinery, the unit will dispense an adequate amount of fresh lubricant in line with the operation of the machinery. If there is no vibration signal detected, the unit will automatically go into stand-by mode to avoid the problems involving over-lubrication.

The piezoelectric vibration sensor of the Pulsarlube Mi is unaffected by dirt, oil and most chemical atmospheres and also performs well over a wide temperature range and resists damage due to severe shocks and vibrations. Its rugged, solid-state construction enables the Pulsarlube Mi lubricator to work reliably under harsh environmental conditions.

User Manual