Pulsarlube PLC

The Pulsarlube PLC electromechanical automatic grease lubricator is specially designed to be fully integrated and synchronised to a PLC system. Two types of PLC lubricators are available, namely month and interval type which caters for a wider range of uses.

For MONTH type, the dispensing interval is calculated based on the lubricator and discharges only when the equipment is in operation.

For INTERVAL type, the dispensing interval is calculated by the PLC and provides selective modes for discharging a predefined amount of lubricant.

The Pulsarlube PLC is ideal for lubricating a wide variety of robots, conveyors, roller-slide bearings, motor shaft seals, generators, pumps, fans and many other linear guide systems.

In the case of any malfunctioning the Pulsarlube PLC allows the user to manage and obtain the necessary data of the lubricator remotely from a central control unit (PLC panel) without having to go on-site.

User Manual