Service Packs

The Pulsarlube electromechanical grease lubricators are developed to last multiple cycles through the use of replaceable service packs. As a result, one of the most significant benefits of the Pulsarlube electromechanical lubricators is the substantial accumulated savings over the cost of manual lubrication while providing assurance of the most precise and reliable lubrication quality.

Service Pack consists of:
A grease pouch of selectable lubricant type in various volumes
An OEM battery pack : DC 4.5V Alkaline battery pack (standard) or DC 4.5V Lithium battery pack
* Note : A battery pack is not included in the MSP and PLC service packs
A disposable dust cover : PVC dust cover (standard) or U/V protection dust cover
* Note : A dust cover is not included in the PLC service packs

User Manual